Zeel and Ruchit make for an incredible couple and we say this with the utmost conviction based on what we felt from behind the lens at their wedding.
They are easy going, humble and most of all, deeply in love. And that is exactly what their wedding celebrations also reflected.
While Zeel’s zeal kept us hooked to our camera, Ruchit made sure that he matched her vibe. And as we could tell even before clicking their pictures, our camera loved them. Each picture oozed of the love that they shared and the sheer happiness that their families felt as they became one.

Posing in vibrant outfits and cute smiles, their oozing chemistry surely seemed like lemonade on a summer day.

A wedding full of laughter, a few tears of happiness and A LOT of love, we couldn’t have been happier to become a part of their celebration and while capturing their memories, become a part of it too.