This wedding was a bit more special for us. Not just because it was an extravagant celebration, but because it was in one of our favourite cities- DilwalokiDilli! And as we expected, this love story was the one with a little extra love and a little extra- well, dil! Sandeep and Sakshi were head over heels in love, and it showed. As Sandeep’s eyes lightened up reminiscing about how he used to travel from Canada to India as frequently as he could to meet Sakshi, her gorgeous smile narrated the story of how he made her heart skip a beat each time they saw each other.

And as we could tell even before clicking their pictures, our camera loved them. Each picture oozed of the love that they shared and the sheer happiness that their families felt as they became one. While Sakshi made for a gorgeous bride, Sandeep looked as perfect in his ensemble.

It was nothing less than a privilege to have witnessed and photographed love as beautiful as theirs.